Bright Investments LLC® recognizes the reality that unexpected disasters, large-scale or small, can occur that may affect our ability to deliver those services through our normal business operation.


How does Bright Investments LLC® plan to address the possibility of a future significant business disruption?

Bright Investments LLC® maintains a business continuity plan to respond, reasonably and effectively, to events of varying scope. The plan covers Bright Investments’ response to loss of office facilities, loss of telecommunications facilities, and regional disruption.


Loss of office facilities?

Bright Investments LLC® would notify staff per the firm’s emergency communications phone tree. Bright Investments LLC® would secure temporary replacement office space, arrange for the delivery of computer equipment to the temporary replacement facility, arrange for the delivery of essential files to the temporary replacement facility, arrange telecom lines to the temporary replacement facility, switch incoming phones and links to the temporary replacement facility and notify staff to report to the temporary facility. Bright Investments LLC® would then begin the search for a permanent office facility and begin planning for the facility.


Loss of telecommunications facilities?

If all telecommunications, including cellular phones, were unavailable, Bright Investments LLC® would determine the estimate outage time, notify staff, and switch incoming phones and telecom links to our temporary replacement facility. If cellular phones are still working, Bright Investments would estimate the outage time, notify staff, switch incoming phones and telecom links to our temporary replacement facility, and establish a communications link with the temporary replacement facility, via cell phones, to take messages for Auburn office.


The plan is subject to revision. While no contingency plan can eliminate all risk of business disruption, Bright Investments LLC® continually strives to mitigate all reasonable risk.

Bright Investments, LLC® is a registered investment advisor (RIA) with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). More information about Bright Investments is available on the SEC's website here.

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