When we founded Bright Investments, our very first “value pick” was the selection of Auburn, Alabama as the site of our headquarters. Conveniently located 80 miles from Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport and home to Auburn University, Auburn offers a highly educated pool of talent within a highly livable, low-cost structure community. Auburn ranks highly in economic growth potential and is home to a strong base of accounting, insurance, legal, and other professional services to serve our clients.

Auburn has highly ranked public schools, an eclectic university community, warm weather, and an attractive tax structure.  We believe that Auburn’s community-focused values align tightly with our firm’s client-centered culture.

While we are based in Auburn, Alabama, we are structured to serve clients nationwide and have additional offices in the southeast.



  1. Business Facilities Magazine 2018 Metro Ranking Report
  2. Auburn High ranks in the top 5% of high schools per U.S. News and World Report, 2018

Bright Investments, is a registered investment advisor (RIA) with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). More information about Bright Investments is available on the SEC's website here.

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